An open letter to my childhood best friend


Hello Bestie,

Do you remember me? There is no way I can be bygones. We shared the same bench remember, same tiffin, same van, same birthday. Oh wait, you were the reason I got to celebrate my birthday at school. You know I am a summer kid, so I never had my thunder at school during birthdays which were the good old long vacation days, but yes I used to celebrate mine yours. You know the days when your happiness was mine and mine was yours. The naive us, who thought we were best friends forever. There is no such thing as forever when it comes to us. We are far beyond that absolute cryptic terms. That’s why you will always be my chocolate dispenser partner beyond time.

I know I was the intrepid kiddo until you pushed me roundabout the slide in our playtime class, and my heart was pounding like it was just about to come out of my mouth. But that was the glorified moment of my life, conquering fear was such an easy task by then. Just a poke and I was good to go. I miss those thrusts when I am agitated when it feels like its the end of the world. Probably, your propel is the only hope that is gonna fix the pieces of the world for me.

I still remember how much efforts we pulled to contact each other, I mean who writes landline number like hundred times all over just to memorize how to stay in touch. I bet you know what it is, today as well? But what in the world has happened to us now? So much of connectivity, still no proclivity.


Why have we grown so much today, that we ain’t the same pony tied girls, oh wait that’s only one of us because you were a boycott remember? Jokes apart, but remember us, walking all back to home from school via our adventure land of puddles and construction mountains, our mud-drenched white shoes, red almost released ribbons from our hair, the tackiest bags in town and us doing that Bollywood “Palat” scenes on road. We were basically, the small gang when we used to be on our ladybirds. We were great pilots, you remember the autopilot mode you tried? and Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. We cried our hearts out laughing at our whacky stunts which gave us felicity. I bet nobody can give you that. Oh yeah, you are welcome.

We were pretty engaged in our together forever euphoria that we did not even know when the joyful breeze turned in to dust devil. Our lives got bifurcated like the tributaries, yes it rained heavily that day. The ladybirds were gloomed. Everything seemed pale. We had grown up and life had happened.

But my dear sweetie, I don’t know what’s broken but my love for you will never ever fade.

Yours lovingly,

Alter ego

Pune Foodie

And that’s how the cat became fat!


Located in the food hub of the city of Pune, this place is definitely going to tempt you with explicitly soulful dishes and eventually going to make you teenage Monica (P.S. Though it is worth it)

This café experienced my presence on none other than Valentine’s Day and they were serving you one of their delicacies if you prove them that you are single! One hell of a task. The ambiance here is quiet and calm and the service providers are cool as well.



And the indoors has this cute little bookshelf!

Perks of visiting this café:

  • Located in Koregaon Park!
  • You will be fluffy and cute soon.
  • Must have Red Velvet.


Pune Foodie

Pondicherry in Pune!


I don’t know why but I love visiting the places which remind me of other places.  It’s like falling in love with those places you have not been. My trip to this place has an interesting story behind it. So, I and my musketeers had decided that we will travel to Puducherry once we will be done with our placement. But you know how bad the fate is when it comes to planning trips with your friends. I came across this place on Zomato and posted it in our group and we readily agreed to visit it the then next day. Damn, that was an achievement.


Enough of the buildup, let me take you to this place! The entrance has a coconut tree with a board saying Vanakam and Bieudeu! Here we are the café which breeds the mixture of cultures from Tamil and France. There is the option of indoor as well as outdoor seating. The captain asked whether we would like the Jhula seating and “Oh, Damn!” we really did. I mean who gets the opportunity of having food taking the swings. Just be careful not to spill your food. There is a Café Pondi Centerpiece water fountain and the lighting is mellow, and the bungalow is yellow!


Let’s see what we ordered:

PS: An important note before ordering please ask your captain what you are gonna get served because there is either a Tamilian or French twist in your food. Just a precaution, so that you won’t be having yummy food with shocked faces.

1. Murruku Nachos

Mind it! This basically consisted of Murruku as the base, unlike the regular nachos. The had the nachos toppings which consisted of the southwest sauce, cheese and not so of course Pomegranate Seeds.

p42. Veg Aglio Olio Pizza

The large portions were quite difficult to order. So, we asked the captain who gave a green flag to the pizza. Any Pizza you buy is for 200 bucks and you are served 8 slices. So, we went for this Veg Aglio Olio Pizza. Don’t try to google it, all you will find is either pasta or spaghetti.

So, how does this pizza taste? Veggies (Probably the ones we don’t like to have) with this amazing cheese amalgamation on a thin crust base. I bet you will finish it till the last bite, finger licking food.

p53. Toffee Cheese Cake

Cake or Shake? We went for the toffee cheesecake! The base layer is made up of toffee which adds the cherry on the cake to this cheesecake. Aptly sweet and cutely decorated with a mini chocolate roll and basil leaf.p6

That’s how happily we ended our trip and explored Pondicherry in Pune!




Dear Asifa,

I am not writing this letter to tell you how sorry I am for every girls’ Nightmare which turned into reality for you. I am writing this letter to tell you how sorry I am for those cold-blooded monsters who tried to challenge your courage. Girl, you are not aware of the potential power you have unleashed. I know that it is nothing to be proud of, but always remember that everybody loved you and will always love you.

Girl, you are a superpower, natural cute little human, we are very ashamed that we could not protect such innocence and spoiled it with the epitome of hatred. But don’t you worry girl, if there is even one percent humanity existing in our country. You will triumph with JUSTICE! You are the inspiration to each and every girl like me who fears to take the leap of faith in our life. Living in the four walls of curfew, telling the heart to not skip a beat every time it wishes something, dresses on the name of tradition & protection, blending into the dull background, shriveling onto yourself killing your dreams!

But girl, you have given this world a really important lesson that the change needs to be brought into the mindset of those narrow-minded people who consider girls as filth. I don’t know how long you will be remembered as the long-lost tragic tale of fearless girl but Girl, let me tell you for me, you will always be a martyr. You fought a battle you were not ready to and yes you did well.

Girl, you are that flying bird who was shot for the most trivial inhuman reason possible. I know you still don’t even know why that happened to you! But you surely have made the entire nation an irresponsible parent. Because if your cries did not stop those beasts, they should not be even considered human.

You know, I had heard Iron Man saying, “Heroes are made by the path they choose not the powers they are graced with” Do you think we will be your heroes and chose the evident side? Yes, Definitely Yes! We will take every step towards not letting this happen next time and the other next time. I know this won’t help undo the wrongs that happened to you but it is for all to see the most beautiful smile in the heaven.

Yours lovingly,

Every other girl on Mother Earth

Pune Foodie



Carnival Restaurant & Bar

Location: 84/33, Mundhwa Road, Mundhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411036

Timing: 11.30 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Can you surmise a lounge which lies between the Food hub of Pune, Koregaon Park & The lavishly planned –  Magarpatta city? Well, this is such an exquisite place you need to visit. This is an enormous restaurant with different segregations, providing you the best possible comfort available.

The low lit area which guarantees you some memorable date nights concomitant with the candle light dinner. The bar section which has seating for family and groups of huge numbers. Adding to it, there is terrace area! Doesn’t this make the place different every time you visit?

What’s on the plate?

Penne Pasta


Vegetarian & White Sauce

If somebody asks me to define this pasta in one word I will describe it as Authentic. The pasta was well cooked and was cohesive mixture of the streamlined cylinders with the white sauce and the semi cooked veggies like broccoli, bell pepper. This gets served with a pair of garlic breads which are best companion to this pasta.

Charcoal Chicken


The fine tasted chicken which fulfils your stomach, heart and taste buds at one strike. If you wish to get this surreal experience you should definitely have this on your plate! A half plate of charcoal has 4 huge pieces of chicken. The chicken justifies to the smoky flavor with amazing taste left behind.

Note: I can’t believe how fast their service was. But this virtue of them turned into a vice. Since they provided both the ordered dishes together and the dish which we had later was a bit cold. Make sure you tell them beforehand the order of items you want to receive in.



Mumbai Foodie

Coffee, Waffles & the Hidden Bookstore…!


Coffee by Di Bella


Title Waves, Ground Floor, St Pauls Media Complex, 24th Road TPS III, Pali Hill, Bandra West

Near the sea face of carter’s road lies this amazing The Ultimate coffee shop experience hangout. It is a cute little place with quite delightful ambience for all the coffee lovers in the downtown. This place gets you some pretty good coffee and hot chocolate. The most convincingly good part of this café is the Waffles you get here. Get ready to get lost in this amazingly delicious experience! By ordering the waffle of your choice.

PS: There is Mumbai’s first large format boutique bookstore by Title Waves just adjacent to this outlet. So thumbs up for a Bibliophile!



  • Perfect Waffles
  • Amazing Coffee
  • Sea Face in vicinity
  • Mesmerizing Book store